Thursday, November 5, 2009

Newly Weds

Life has certainly settled into a normal routine after the wedding. It's been a challenge, for sure, to work opposite schedules and our time together is limited to say the least. We try to make the most of it by scheduling date nights during our only night together and looking for opportunities to spend extra time together whenever we can. The good news is we are both enjoying our jobs, and that makes being apart a little easier. We are both thankful to be in positions that allow us to work, save and not fear layoffs.

It has also been all about the birthdays in our house. Chet turned 25 last week and I face the big 2-8 shortly. Chet likes to tease me about trying to celebrate all of "birthday month". We did enjoy a trip to Collinsville with Trina and Gary for a home cooked meal and pumpkin cheesecake birthday cake.

The house hunt has officially begun. We have begun our research and loan paperwork so that we can hopefully take advantage of our the tax credit while it lasts. I have been doing most of the leg work but Chet is excited at the chance to start our farm. We both are dreaming of a country house with lots of outdoor space. I am hoping that a house with the acreage we are looking for comes on the market in Stillwater before April. Pray for us as we begin this big decision.

Football season is in full swing on the OSU campus. That means Chet is arresting a lot of drunks and working late and I am tailgating and cheering on the pokes! Mama Reger even came down to Oklahoma for her annual homecoming visit. We had a lot of fun shopping for orange clothes and bundling up for the late game. It was a cowboy victory which made bearing the cold late night worth it!

I have to admit that sometimes I questions my permanent southern roots now. With the discovery of 3 scorpions in our apartment I have been a little on edge. But the cold weather should get rid of them soon. That is assuming it will eventually get cold. Though we did get chilly during homecoming it has gotten warm recently. In the mid 70's for most of this week and it was 80 degrees last weekend! The leaves are turning but the sun is still warming us during the day. Between the scorpions, tornadoes with huge hail, and tarantulas this is an intense place to live!

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