Monday, December 7, 2009


For those that are out of the loop, Chet and I are in the final stages of purchasing a home. We found a property in Stillwater that we have fallen in love with, and it seems like the perfect space for our current and future needs! Located out in the country, down country club road we are technically outside city limits on a dirt road surrounded by farms and open land. The home is large with 4 bedrooms, an office space, large kitchen and 3 full baths. We also love the 2.56 acres it sits on that allows for a large front and back yard, 3 outdoor buildings, a small stream and lots of room. It was recently renovated so there is not much work that needs to be done inside, but outside we have some plans for improvements.

We still have the home inspection to go, and since the property is a foreclosure it is sold "as is". This means that all issues or problems that are found during the inspection will be need to be corrected by Chet and I or we can walk away from the house. This makes me nervous since we will already need to put down a decent down payment and cover the cost for a refrigerator and stove. On a tight budget other repairs will be hard so we are hoping for no major or minor issues with the property. Pray for us as we navigate the wonderful world of mortgages, loans, and paperwork for first time home buyers.

But we are more than ready for our own place. Apartment living is only fun for so long, and we both can't wait to be out in the country with quiet nights and plenty of inside and outdoor space. We will keep you updated as we continue with the process!

We are also going to be traveling home for Christmas! Chet was able to take time off from Dec. 23-30 so we could have a Pennsylvania holiday with the Reger family! I am more than excited about this, especially since last year was a Skimbo/Friddle holiday! I am really looking forward to spending time with the entire Reger crew on Christmas eve and Christmas day and visiting with my Best Friend Chrissy who is about 6 months pregnant! Not to mention that Grandmom has promised to hook me up with extra homemade caramels!

Things are going well. Keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we finalize moving plans and save your empty boxes for packing! If you are willing and able we would also love some helping painting and moving during the last two weeks of January if the sale goes through!

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