Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas '09 in Pennsylvania

Well it was a whirlwind holiday for Chet and I. Chet was fortunate enough to be able to take a week off and travel with me to PA to spend the holiday with the Reger Family. Our very large group has a Christmas eve and Christmas day tradition of getting together around food for fun and games! This year was no different and we had almost 60 people together for the Christmas eve program which includeds singing, the Christmas story and shrimp. Chet was playing bar tender to anyone who walked by! And another large group got together on Christmas day for the big dinner at Grandmom's house! Christmas eve at Mama's house was a full one since Joshua Reger, Juli, Josh Dupiche, Mama, Chet and I all spent the night at the Reger farm waiting for Santa. We woke Christmas day to open presents and enjoy our family tradition of a huge christmas breakfast together! It was an amazing time!
Chet and I also visited Leah and Sholomi in their new rental house and spent some time in Chambersburg with Chrissy Tina and Mike who are expecting baby Addison in March. I indulged in some of my Quakertown favorites including Giovanni's pizza and Yum Yum donuts. Not to mention that Grandmom sent us home with a box of her homemade carmels! It was a cold trip, and snow was on the ground but we had plenty to do to keep warm.
While Mama, Juli and I enjoyed a day shopping at the Philadelphia Outlets Josh and Chet explored Cabalas. We all brought home some treasures and had a good day!
Now, I have begun the daunting task of packing up to prepare for the move. So far I have made slow progress but we still have a couple of weeks to finish. Our home inspection only found one problem that can be easily addressed so we are now completing roof estimates and hope to see the new roof go on this week or next. Moving day is Jan. 17 - come on over if you want to help us get set up! But the real fun will be with the girls on Jan. 16 as we get together for a girl's painting party. I am adding some color with two accent walls and painting the kitchen and my tiny office. We hope to get the painting taken care of before the furniture comes in!
Things are moving along - we hope to finalize the date for our new roof and as of now the closing date remains on Jan. 15th! We are excited to move!

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