Monday, February 15, 2010

Home (mostly) sweet home

 Well it was a bumpy road to get here but Chet and I have bought our first home.  Let's just say, if it could have gone wrong, it probably did for us at some point during the inspection, appraisial, move in and first three weeks in the house.  It started with a closing delay and extra "fees", then an ice/snow storm hit us on closing day and moving weekend, then the water was out for the first 6 days at the house, and roots have now taken over our septic tank.  But after 3 plumbers, a septic pump, and a lot of money we hope to have worked out all the kinks!
The house is out in the country, and we even live on a dirt road about 8 1/2 miles from campus.  This was a great location because our commute to work is still only 15-20 minutes but we live far enough out in the country we that we were able to get the space and quiet we were looking for.  The house has 4 bedrooms but Chet has claimed one as his "man room" and there is also an office for me.  Our kitchen/dining area is HUGE and I spent a lot of time painting it yellow.  The master bedroom is in the far back of the house which works nicely for us since our schedules are often different.  Window treatments are up and I even have a few pictures up on the walls.  I am slowly painting a few rooms to give it a more personal feel.  We have a lot of things to do but we are pretty happy settling into the house.
Most of the real work to be done is outside.  The property was empty for a long time so the landscaping and trees have taken over most of the yard.  We plan to add flower and vegtable gardens and a pathway to the house.  Our largest outdoor building, which we recently learned was designed to be a tornado shelter, will be Chet's work room.  We have officially decided to take down both of the trees by the house to avoid future root problems since this was what caused damage to the septic and water pipes.  I will be sad to see them go but considering the plumbers bills, I will happily start that chain saw myself.  We also will purchase new gravel for the driveway and grow grass in the spring! 
Lots of stuff is going on and we are slowly working on completing one project at a time!  We will post new pics as things get checked off our to do list and we purchase our new furniture.  At least we can say, welcome home!

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