Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring has sprung (with a little sweat on our part)

Spring has come to Oklahoma!  And the dreary landscape of the new  house is coming to life.  We have enjoyed watching the grass sprout and the trees come to life.  My two favorite trees bloomed purple overnight to reveal them as Redbuds!  And several bushes and trees are also showing life with green buds.  We were surprised to find a patch of tulips along one of the fences and here and there we see new life in the lawn.  It's so much nicer to have grass than mud, and leaves instead of bare branches!
We spent the weekend doing some real work outside which included a beautiful walkway that Chet created off the front porch and I added a long garden along the front of the house. 
2 tons of stone, 1 ton of sand, and 1 ton of dirt later and we have a whole new look to the front of the house!  It was well worth the work and we will continue to add plants and other outdoor decorations as the summer continues.  I also planted a willow tree and butterfly bush that Aunt Holly sent as a house warming present.  We hope they both continue to grow!  Unfortunately due to several ice storms a couple of years ago we have quite a few trees on the property that are now dead or mostly dead that will need to come down.  We have three new evergreen saplings that will replace the trees that line the driveway that are dead but it will be many years till they are noticeable! 
We also have expanded the Skimbo family to include guineas!  We bought 5 chicks three weeks ago and they are now almost grown!  Chet put together a great chicken coop that we placed right by the garden.  We told them to be on full alert for deer - and to scare off any that enter my vegetable garden!  We will also let them loose once they are full grown so they can eat the ticks and spiders on the property!  My friend Zeb has tilled up a large patch will I will be planting in next weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed for me as I attempt my first vegetable garden this summer!  I plan to plant corn, green beans, tomatoes, watermelon and asparagus!
Easter was also a lot of fun!  Chet's mom and Step Dad came to spend the weekend and we went to church and I cooked my first Easter lunch!  It was a full spread with a 9 lb ham, fresh asparagus, corn, crescent rolls, salad and Shanna made mashed potatoes!   Thankfully everything came out great and I have left overs to enjoy all week! 
We still have a lot of plans for the house.  A friend gave us a pool that will be putting up in early May and it will be tree removal day soon for Chet!  We also are looking to add some patio furniture and maybe extend our kitchen deck.  We are also getting excited for our 1 year anniversary next month!  We plan to celebrate with lots of friends on Memorial day with a BBQ/House warming party!  If you're in town, save the date to come eat, swim and end the night around the campfire!  It was an exhausting weekend, but we got so much accomplished!  Each day, I am watching it grow more and more green and at night the frogs serenade me from our creek.  I absolutely love country living and this house has quickly become home!  Stay tuned for pictures of the new furniture we ordered!  It should be arriving in several deliveries over the next 2-8 weeks!