Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pita's Pictures!

My freelance photography has finally become more of a focus for me.  I am hitting the ground running with the new website http://www.pitaspictures.com/, ordering businnes cards, and working on expanding the portfolio with new images.  The name Pita (pronounced pit-ah) is an old childhood nickname from my family.  Only those who knew me as a child will remember that name, as it was a creation of my Mama's.  It evolved from Ang, because my young siblings and friends could not pronounce the D in Andrea.  Ang a pita pange was the rhym she sing songed to me and eventually it became shortened to Pita.  It is a loving memory so I decided to use it to brand my photo work.  It works nicely for me since I feel Reger is no longer my name and Skimbo is associated with my work at OSU.  Pita allowed me to create a whole different side of myself, and was the creative outlet to name my photo work!  Now if only I could get people to stop pronouncing it like Pita Pit, the local lunch shop that pronounces it like Peta, I could get somewhere.  :)  
I have always enjoyed photographing people in portraits or engagement photos, even some wedding work so I decided to do a better job marketing myself to people outside my friends and family circle.  This means I am seeking to book new customers for photo shoots and provide some great images for people to purchase.  My ultimate goal is to have at least 75 images available during the May Arts Festival here in Stillwater next spring.  These will be landscape and nature shots that would be appealing for the average person.  I will use some of my work from previous shoots but I focusing on taking the time to photograph Oklahoma and start my "red dirt" project.  The idea is to capture images that truly represent Oklahoma culture and landscape.  I also love the look of antique images of old barns, and objects that are well past their prime.  Rachel and I are planning a weekend road trip down Historic Route 66 to find some great places to shoot and find good representation of Oklahoma life.  I have dreams of cowboys, and old tractors, interesting structures and landscapes of red dirt scenes. 
My website will reflect updates and new images as I complete new work.  Feel free to check in to see new images, and I would love to get your feedback.  My good friend Erin is working to help me create a logo that will also be used to to watermark my images.  If you would like to be my model, I'd love to photograph you with your family, pets, friends or whatever.  And I would appreciate any referrals you can offer.  Please send interested friends or co-workers my information (email: pitaspictures@gmail.com).  And if you would like to order any of my images please just let me know!  Thank you to all my friends and family who have supported my efforts, I have a long way to go but it feels great to get started!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Our new kitten Penny!

There is another fur ball running around the Skimbo house, Penny!  She was an anniversary present from Chet and she has more than a little energy!  The first 4 weeks with her were.... interesting....  Friday was so mad and did NOT like her.  In fact she would barely come into the house because Penny was always bugging her!  She would fight and yowl every time the kitten pounced her!  But now they play and have fun together chasing each other all over the house!  She was only 4 weeks old when we brought her home but now she is growing fast and starting to be more adventurous when outside.  She is 3/4 Siamese and 1/4 Himalayan so she will get a little fluffy!  She loves to climb everything and she really loves to wrestle.  This can be proved by the bite and scratch marks Chet and I have all over our arms from play time with her!    Let's hope she can keep the bunnies out of my flower beds!  Chet created a game called "kitty fishing" that Penny loves! He tied a little bell to the end of a string and he throws it and sure enough he catches a kitten with it every time!  She loves to play and meet new friends so come visit her!