Thursday, August 26, 2010

Juli and Josh got married! (not my brother Josh, that would be wierd...)

Chet and I made the trip to PA to be a part of Juli and Josh's wedding.  My little sister is now officially Juli Dupiche!  The confusing part is my little brother's name is also Josh, so I know have a brother and brother in law Josh.  AND Josh has a sister Juline, so now he can say he has a wife Juli and a sister Juline.  Apparently Andrea and Chet are the odd balls!  (true, true).  I had a great time as maid of honor (no corrections Mom or Juli) and Chet was an usher.  The wedding was beautiful and I held off my tears until my toast.  Juli looked amazing in her dress, and the whole day was fun and exciting!   She did a great job with her colors and decorations!  I loved our bright green bridesmaid dresses and her pops of hot pink really made the event bright and colorful. 
The bride said I wasn't allowed to have my camera out, so I don't have too many pictures from the day.  I have to admit, it was nice not to worry about carrying around my camera! I did get some great shots at the reception!  One of my favorite shots from the night was of my Grandmom getting a little frisky with Grandad on the dance floor (notice the placement of her hand!)  I know the other bridesmaids got some shots, and the photographer will have plenty to give Juli.  I am excited to see the photos!  Juli got married in the church we grew up in, I know it was a special place for her.  The reception was at the Meadows, and her colors of green and pink were everywhere.  It was a beautiful scene, and we all got out on the floor to dance. 
I also talked Josh Reger into posing for some portraits, with his bike of course.  I am really happy with the images, and if you knew my brother at all, I think you would agree that these really capture Josh and his personality.   After our ride to the location it became ever so clear how out of "bike shape" I am in, lets hope I can get back onto my own bike here in Oklahoma! 
Sadly, this trip was likely my last until next summer.  However, I will be doing a working vacation next time I am in PA and hope to book several photo sessions as well as offer a photography workshop.  I have a couple bookings aready, so if you are interested feel free to let me know and as the date gets closer we can confirm our plans(likely the last week of July 2011).  If you want more information on the photography workshop visit and click the prices and workshop link. 
Overall it was a great trip up north.  We can all be jealous of Juli and Josh as they honeymoon in Punta Kuna on the beaches and tropical waters.  Back here in Oklahoma the students have started classes, and life goes back to normal as I brace for the craziness that is recruiting season in Career Services.  The good news is football season is only two weeks away!  Coming soon:  lots of orange pictures!

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