Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The first signs of Fall

Fall has finally started to appear in Stillwater and we are noticing the trees in the yard start to show their colors!  Although this does mean that the gutters are constantly full, we are loving all the changes around the property!  It is our first fall at the new house!!   The first two pictures were taken of our driveway, the sunsets here are awesome!  We live in a low area so we often get a little fog and mist in the yard and around the area.  It makes for some great sunlight shots (especially when the dirt gets kicked up by passing cars). Penny and Friday love playing outside, and they both are showing off their hunting skills.  Beware to all the bunnies and field mice in the vicinity of the Skimbo property!  In fact, it seems all the animals are coming out lately.  We have seen possums or armadillos almost every night!  Even the coyotes have been howling and carrying on during the night, a few have wandered through our yard as well.  The wild turkeys have not spent much time near by although I have seen them feeding at the neighbor's house.  He puts out grain for them and they nest in the trees right down the road so they are commonly out walking around
Fall is the busy season for my work, so I have had a lot to do in the office and Chet is back to campus patrol and teaching his self defense class.  We also had an earthquake in Oklahoma today, and though we have heard some conflicting reports about it's size we do know it originated in Norman, which is about an hour away.  Students and staff felt a mild shake lasting only a few seconds on campus but I was so busy in the office I didn't even notice.  Chet of course slept right through it!  No damage was caused here in Stillwater. 

We will post some new pictures soon of the fall colors and Mama Reger comes to visit for homecoming next week!

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