Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turning 29 wasn't so bad when the Pokes win!

I celebrated the big 2-9 with Chet and friends at our place this past weekend.  It was the perfect timing for the OSU v Kansas game.  I made a huge batch of pulled pork in the crock pot and everyone brought some great food!  Especially Mindi who made an amazing cake with Pistol Pete and a camera.  It looked awesome and tasted great as well!  I also got some great gifts, like a new orange watch from Lyz to add to my game day gear and a new game for my collection from the office!   We all had fun playing some games and watching the cowboys take home victory!  The weather was amazing - in the high 70's!  The kids were able to play outside with balloons and bubbles.  I was very thankful for great friends who helped me celebrate and family that filled my mailbox with cards!  And even better, I was able to order a fancy photo printer!  I am looking forward to being able to do all my own printing!  HOORAY!

But in case you were wondering, here are the things I have learned in almost 3 decades:

1.  Everyone looks good in orange, yes everyone.
2.  Never under estimate the power of the perfect pair of jeans, even if they cost a fortune.
3.  Boots should have leather soles, not rubber, if you want to two step.
4.  Put money into savings and leave it there.
5.  Flavored rum makes everything better (trust me on this - key lime!)
6.  Men are in no way perfect, but they have some redeeming factors.  At least one or two.
7.  Photograph everything, print the pictures, preserve it for later, no matter your weight, age, size, or clothing.
8.  Country living can not be beat, even if it comes with spiders and snakes.
9.  Student loans are a necessary evil, but credit card debt is not.
10. Cherish your family and make sure they know you love them!
11. Visit Australia, swim in the ocean, and be able to recall it's sweet memory.