Thursday, December 9, 2010

An Oklahoma Christmas

This is the first Christmas Chet and I will be in the new house for Christmas.  It was the first for a lot of things this season:  1st real Christmas tree, 1st married Christmas in Oklahoma, 1st time to decorate the house...
So far the porch has lights and the tree is up!  Things are looking good!  I had to scramble to get decorations this year since living in the apartment didn't really let us have much room for decorations.  Now that we have this big house I have plenty of room to put out decorations.  Mama Reger brought down during her Oct. visit down all sorts of ornaments from when I was younger and hand me downs from family.  It made the tree extra special to know some of those ornaments have been hanging on my families trees for decades! I was able to collect a few more this fall and stock up so I could cover the tree.  I ended up with plenty for the tree, even with some to spare!  Chet wasn't very helpful with the decorations but I did notice that his ornament of the Duke ended up at the very top of the tree!  Grandmom Reger also made us a beautiful angel designed to represent a native american angel.  I loved finding all sorts of stars to add to the tree.  The biggest accomplishment has been keeping the kitten out of the tree and so far so good!  (But I wouldn't be surprised if this good behavior doesn't last!)

We were also lucky enough to both have vacation for the holiday.  Chet has 5 glorious days off in which we plan to be at his Mom's and Step dad's new house in Claremore and then a brief visit to his Dad and Grandmother in Talihania.  We both are glad for minimal travel, and no snow.  Yes, I said it.  I could live without ice, sleet, snow or cold weather.  Though I always get a bit homesick to not spend time with the Regers, I hope to see everyone in the spring!  Wishing everyone a happy holiday season!

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