Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Office Make Over

We took advantage of the Christmas break to do a couple projects around the house.  Including hiring a contractor to install built in shelves and cabinets in my office.  They look amazing and we are thrilled with the final work.  Last step is to stain the wood, a project I plan to do in the spring.  One more thing crossed off the list.  Last major project is the pool liner and deck, hopefully to be completed this summer and the car port coming soon!  With my brother Josh coming in only 2 weeks it was perfect timing since he will be bringing a lot of my photo work and negatives from college.  Now I have a place to safely store them!  All the shelves are adjustable and very well done.  It was the perfect addition to my office and we hope improves the value of the home!  Thanks to Paul for a job well done!  P.S. Juli - can you count all the 31 bags in the picture?

Office wall before
Built ins complete!

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