Monday, January 10, 2011

Some lovely internet finds....

It was a very, very, VERY long few weeks leading up to Christmas and the week post Christmas in my office.  Once school lets out or nears finals the students forget about their internship/job searches in favor of preparing for finals or vacations so there isn't much to do in the office.  In fact, for the most part it's been a complete yawnfest.  So in the infinite time I had to waste sitting at my computer I came across several interesting articles, videos, websites and more and I thought I would share my favorites.  Bored?  Want to be uplifted?  Check out some of these websites:

A great poem/song about how to be alone. I agree that being okay with just you is a wonderful thing. I did this on sandy beach in Florida during one long lonely summer that taught me so much about myself.

1000 Awesome things Blog

Lucky People Videos you have to see to believe

Something to make you think - Could we be dreaming of God's face?

It may be on but its all about the WINS!

People who give away their Millions!

PVC Pipe Instrument!

I am sure there are many more but I love the things that show the good in the world and I see God in a lot of these things.  I think it is always time worth spent to revel in the small wonderful things in our world.  Thank goodness the internet led me to them!

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