Friday, January 21, 2011

Two's a couple, but three's a crowd!

First comes love, then comes marriage.... then on Sept 1st comes baby Skimbo in a baby carriage!

Chet and I found out that the week before Christmas that I was pregnant.  Basically we decided to starting trying for a family and WHAM! it happened in the blink of an eye!  The timing was perfect to surprise our Moms on Christmas morning with the big news!  For Trina I found a set of lime green (her favorite color) bibs that said "Grandmom loves me" and wrapped those to go under the tree.  She unwrapped them and started smiling from ear to ear!

It was hard for me not to be home this Christmas to break the news to my own family but I recruited my brother Josh to help with Mission: Baby Socks.  Josh bought a set of tiny baby socks and wrapped them for me.  Then when I called Christmas morning he had the video camera rolling.  Mom didn't suspect anything and happily unwrapped the gift, but as soon as she realized what it was she was screaming!  It's a great video that I can't get enough of!

My doctor set my first ultrasound at 10 weeks on Feb. 3rd.  I am so excited to be able to see the little baby and hear the heartbeat for the first time.  Chet is excited too, and even he couldn't keep the secret!  At eight weeks along we told most of our families and friends and it has been a blast to break the news to everyone!  I was terrible at keeping the secret so many friends had been clued in early!  It was too good of news not to share!  

So far I am feeling good and healthy.  I had a couple of weeks with 24/7 nausea which was no fun but thankfully a prescription from the doctors office has given me some relief.  I also like preggie pops, which help settle my stomach.  I have learned that my daily feelings are only tired, nauseous, hungry or a combination of those three.  Pregnancy symptoms are strange - some you expect and some are just odd.  Like why in world do I have more spit?  But the fat ankles and tight pants are normal.  Though some days are hard (last night I feel asleep at 8:15pm!) other days are super fun (seeing everyone's face when I share the news).  This is going to be quite the journey, one I feel I have been waiting for a long, long time. 

I am loving reading books and websites that share info about the development of the baby, its quite a miracle how all this works!  Currently, I have a raspberry baby!  I can't wait to have a baby bump and I am already wearing some stretchy waisted pants because my normal clothes are tight and uncomfortable.  But something I really apperciate is having several friends who have just had babies or are pregnant with me.  It's such a blessing to have others share this journey with me, and I love all the baby talk and advice.  But please people, stop telling me my life is going to change.  YES, I AM COMPLETELY AWARE OF AND EXCITED FOR THE CHANGE!

So the count down to Sept. 1st begins (223 days).  It's going to be a long exciting summer!  I am so happy to become a Mom!  

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  1. I read your blog! I am so excited for you two! :)

  2. it's official!!! yay :-) welcome to the journey, fellow pregnant lady! :-)