Friday, February 4, 2011

The Belly Project

Like all first time moms I wanted to photograph my changing figure as my belly grows.  But I didn't want to do the same old, same old bump pictures that I see so often.  So I have come up with my own unique idea for the belly bump images.  Each time I take a photograph I include a thought bubble that is intended to represent what the baby is thinking or saying.  This is meant to be funny, silly, and thoughtful ways of showing the milestones of my pregnancy. 
But I need your help!  I want to hear your ideas!  My final pictures will include my favorite suggestions and will be displayed in the baby's room.  So start thinking of some ideas!  Things like "I will take an order of pickles and ice cream please" or "Can I get a night light in here?".  Feel free to post your ideas as comments on here or email them to me at or check out the facebook album!  I know my family and friends are going to come up with some great thoughts, and I love incorporating them into this exciting time for me! 
Here are the first belly photos to start the belly project!
5 weeks
8 weeks
10 weeks

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