Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We can just call the kid "Hey You!"

We have been trying to decide on a name for baby skimbo.  In about six weeks we will find out if the little blob is a boy or girl so I really want to choose names prior to that ultrasound.  It sounds silly, I know, but I was afraid if I didn't have a girl name picked out by then it would ensure a baby boy was in there!
However, I have learned that sharing name ideas can sometimes be a bad idea.  It now makes sense to me why several of my friends have kept the name a surprise.  When I shared my ideas with others who approved of them it reaffirmed my thoughts but when someone expressed dislike for my choice it impacted my feelings on the name.  I wish I was capable of just sharing my ideas with only Chet, but we all know how good I am with secrets like this.  Terrible.  And I wanted to get input from family and friends, I love to talk things over with people! 
And it has occurred to me how very, very important a name can be.  This is no small decision.  It is the name my child will have for their entire life!  Realizing the significance of this decision has also made it so much harder for me to choose.  I currently have 2 baby name books and a dozen websites to help with ideas and still my list remained small. 
To make matters worse, Chet and I have very different ideas (shocker!).  Surprisingly, we decided on a boy name very early on.  We had a long car drive during the first couple weeks of the pregnancy and it quickly became apparent that choosing a boy name was going tough.  Chet referred to my suggestions as "hippie names" and his were straight out of the wild west.  If I had agreed he was more than willing to name our son John Wayne Skimbo or Billy Holiday Skimbo, he even suggested Shooter at one point.  But then there was a silver lining, we found one name we agreed on.  And even though we continued sharing ideas, this still is the ONLY name we both liked.  So it was official, if its a boy it will be Wyatt.  (Chet wanted Wyatt Earp Skimbo but I had to draw the line.)  We haven't completely decided on a middle name but it will likely be Alan, a Reger family name that both my brother and father hvae as middle names. I think this is a great mix of the southern, country roots of Chet and the Reger family representation. 

But then there was the girl name to choose.  It seems this has been on my mind since the day we found out baby was on the way!  The only thing I knew for sure is that we would use Grace for the middle name.  I am a 4th generation grace and it was important for me to include that in the name.  I had been in love with a first name for many years but it has recently grown in popularity and the idea of giving my child the number 8 most popular name in the country sounded like a bad idea so I have tossed it aside.  But where to start?  I would make a list, but then cross the names off over the next few days.  Nothing seemed to really stand out to me and Chet was impossible at giving suggestions (Lori Darling, or Cheta).  The truth is, he is completely convinced that it is a boy and he doesn't see the point in choosing a girl name.   While I am not convinced he is wrong, I still wanted to have a girl name chosen.  And then I thought of an interesting idea.  I combined my mothers name Susan with my little sisters name Juliann and made Suzann or "Suzy" for short.  The name bounced around with me for several weeks, but at first Chet said no.  So I tried to find another name and even came up with a couple others for backups.  But the more I thought about it, the more I liked Suzann.  I could picture a little girl Suzy running around the house, and when I thought of the little lime size baby inside me it felt like a Suzy!  So I began bugging Chet, oh please, please please!  And then, when I thought hope was gone he agreed.  Even though we may change our minds again, Suzann Grace is our girl name. her initials will be SGS.  Then again Wyatt's will be WAS!

I feel so much better at least having these as our current decisions.  We may change our minds or come up with other ideas but for some reason, I don't think we will!  Now we only have 6 weeks to wait till we know which way it will go!
Wyatt Alan Skimbo or Suzann "Suzy" Grace Skimbo?

Want to take a guess?


  1. As long as you love the name, that's all the matters! Who cares what other people think! They will learn to love it in time.

    But I think it's going to be a Wyatt Alan. Sorry...

  2. that would be ok, I want a girl but I won't be sad to have a boy!

  3. my vote is that she will be named little suzy!

  4. P.S. Boys are so much fun! Plus, Chet will be more likely to give the "a-okay" on more if the first one is a boy :)

  5. I LOVE the name Wyatt! I laughed out loud when you wrote the wild west names! ha ha

  6. Am I missing something? Won't the initials be SGS?