Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Week of Prayer

Like all Mommies, I am getting a little nervous and very excited for my ultrasound this week.  Though we hopefully will learn the sex of the baby, there are lots of other things the ultrasound technician will check at this appointment.  Growth and size of baby, the heart's development, and lot of other things do with how baby is growing.  In other words we are going to check that everything is in the right places and growing as it should.  So I thought it best to take my prayers to God, and lay my worry and hopes in his hands. 

Monday:  Dear God, please help Baby Skimbo grow strong and healthy.
Tuesday:  Dear God, please help Baby Skimbo stay with me till he/she is a full term baby.
Wednesday:  Dear God, please be with Mommy and Daddy so we can make good decisions and take good care of our family.  Be with us always, and help us down our path. 
Thursday:  Dear God, please keep me safe, over the next six months as I grow the baby and over the next 60 years as we grow as a family.
Friday: Dear God, please, please, please let Baby Skimbo show us the goods!  No crossed legs, poorly placed umbilical cord or uncooperative baby!  Don't be sky Baby Skimbo - we want to know if you are a boy or girl!

Please join me this week in talking with God, I believe he hears all prayers!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The bump is growing...

15 weeks
16 weeks

Apparently this was purple themed!  As always - I want your suggestions for the thought bubbles!  What do you think baby Skimbo is thinking or saying? 

Monday, March 21, 2011

In another life I was a Sumo wrestler

 This is an average day of swelling for my ankles, and I was off my feet for most of the day!  You can tell I didn't have my shoes on because even the tops of my feet got puffy.  During a work day its more common for puffy ankles and legs.  No matter what, by 4 or 5 pm they are huge!  And on most mornings even first thing when I get out of bed I notice they are still a little puffy even after a full nights rest. 
But who needs ankle bones anyway?
View from top
It actually can get much worse on some days.  But I now have a foot rest under my desk to help prop my feet during the day and I am drinking a lot of water.  As long as my blood pressure doesn't get high (which so far it hasn't) the doctor isn't worried about it.  Apparently my body just likes to retain water when I am pregnant.   Can you imagine what they are going to do in 100+ degree heat this summer?  Lordy, lordy...


Friday, March 18, 2011

2 weeks till we get our next peek!

With the big ultrasound coming up in two weeks I am getting really excited!  Although, I am nervous baby Skimbo won't cooperate with the pictures, I am really hoping we learn the sex of the baby at that appointment.  I have heard a couple stories lately of babies that had crossed legs or couldn't be positioned right to determine sex. Since this is the last ultrasound covered by my insurance I hope it will work out! I have started giving baby Skimbo pep talks about spreading those knees!  Chet thinks it's funny that I talk to the baby (well, I talk to the kittens too so why not the baby?)  I have resisted the urge to buy anything baby yet (go me!) and really haven't put together our registry until I know if it's going to be a girl or a boy!  But I  have decided on our "themes".  Wyatt will get an wild west/cowboy theme nursery and Suzy will get a Peter Pan/Tinkerball theme.   My little sister Juli is coming to Oklahoma in about a month to help me paint the nursery!  I am so excited to see her and show her our house.  Despite how much we look alike Juli and I have been opposites since day one.  Even today she is living and working in the big city of Philadelphia and I live on a dirt road out in the country of Oklahoma.  But lucky for me, we get along much better now that we are older and I am really looking forward to spending time with her and getting some help making the bland room into a nursery. 

I am noticing some odd cravings, but I usually give in.  Heck, why not!
Sonic cheese burgers - this one is really all Chet's fault because he is the one who introduced me to them.
Coke or Dr. Pepper frozen slushies - random I know, but on a warm day these hit the spot!  And I could pretty much drink one any time of day. 
Donuts - well I have to admit I have ALWAYS been a donut girl but lately the mini white powder or chocolate have been amazing.  It's no Yum Yum donut but it will have to do until I get to Quakertown in June.
Zesty Pickles - classic pregnancy craving right?  But to be honest I have always liked these pickles but lately I want them all the time!  So good.....
Fruit - thankfully at least one of my cravings has been good for me.  I am flying through apples, plums, oranges, bananas... and really looking forward to watermelon, cherry and strawberry season this summmer.

I have not been able to really feel the baby yet, but I suspect I felt something a couple of times.  Similar to a swoosh of water but I can't be sure that was the baby or not.  I still get fat ankles just about every day.  I will have to post some pictures to show you how bad it gets - like sumo wrestler ankles!
But this week I have really noticed coccyx pain.  That's a fancy way of saying my butt bone really hurts.  Some pregnant women experience this because of how your weight shifts to make room for baby or if the baby is pressing on a nerve.  It's particularly unpleasant because I sit at my desk for most of the day and sitting is painful.  Yesterday I literally spend some time knelling at my desk because it hurt too much to sit!  I have been prone to taking some walks and stretching and I plan to swap my desk chair for an yoga ball soon to help re-shift my baby weight and elevate the pain. 

I was also lucky enough to get to Tulsa/Claremore last weekend to visit my In laws and do some shopping!  I got some great bulbs to plant and maternity clothes as well.  I call them my "fat clothes" becuase I got some full panel pieces for this summer when the belly will really start to poke out.  For now I am getting by with some of my less fitted tops and stretchy waistband pants.  I have a decent assortment of clothes to last me the summer thanks to hand me downs and finding some good deals.

I am loving checking in with the Team Suzy or Team Wyatt poll - and surprisingly with 42 votes Wyatt has a small lead.  Feel free to keep voting - only 14 more days till we (hopefully) will know for sure!

Coming soon - week 15 and 16 belly pictures!  Stay tuned!

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Childbirth History lesson

As a first time Mommy to be, I have started doing my research.  The first big step is making a birth plan.  I imagined this document to simply cover the basics, home v hospital, drugs v natural, who would be in the room and such.  Well the document I downloaded from thebump.com was 6 PAGES!  It wanted to me answer questions on all sorts of things, some I didn't even know the answers to (and still don't)!  And one of the biggest decisions I had to make was to deliver with or without drugs. 
So I began my birthing options research and stumbled upon this interesting book: Get Me Out: A History of Childbirth from the Garden of Eden to the Sperm Bank. 
It was interesting from the very beginning, which started with births in the 1500's. 
Here are a couple of interesting facts I learned:
In the 1500's it was believed that childbirth should be painful - if a woman could not endure childbirth, how could she be a good mother?  In fact, a women in 1591 was burned at the stake because she asked for pain relief during the birth of her twins.
It was common for doctors to delivery babies without ever looking at the woman's private areas while in labor.  It was considered obscene for a male to view a woman's vagina or birth canal and he basically just caught the baby by fumbling around under a sheet.  At least two doctors were known to disguise themselves as women to sneak into birthing rooms so they could better understand what was happening during a birth. 
Forceps came into play in the 1600's - although the tool was completely hidden by the family who invented it, even when in use, in order to protect the design.  There were no patent laws to protect inventors so great lengths were taken to hide its design.  While this did help some women when babies became stuck in the birth canal, it is unknown if they did more damage than help in the long run. 
A famous doctor, Dr. Sims, discovered the cure for one of the worst side effects of childbirth, a hole in the vagina wall.  I won't share the details of this condition because they are not pleasant, trust me it was not something you wanted to experience and though it was not deadly it did last a lifetime.  Though his discovery of how to repair this damage is noteworthy, so were his methods.  He practiced and perfected the procedure over several years on slaves without the use of pain medication. 
Giving birth was extremely dangerous, in the 1800's child bed fever commonly killed mothers within a few days after childbirth.  At this time doctors were unaware of germs and how to prevent spreading them.  Sporadic epidemics of child bed fever would lead to the discovery of how infections could be spread by the doctor (who didn't wear gloves or wash between patients even if he had just preformed an autopsy).
The first "lying in" hospital was opened in 1902 in NYC, and began the a real focus on maternity wards and would slowly usher in an era where it became more common for a women to give birth in a hospital rather than with a midwife at home. 
Though doctors in training were supposed to assist more veteran doctors with deliveries before they did one themselves, this was not enforced so often women were being sometimes assisted by a doctor who had never studied or seen a child birth before.  One hospital's records include notes from a doctor that said he had to drop the baby 3 times before it would take a breathe and cry. 
The early pain medications included a method called twilight sleep.  It was believed that the women would fall asleep and when she awoke her child had been born.  In reality the medicine left the women awake and delirious where she was strapped to a bed for the length of her labor.  The after affects of the drug caused short term memory loss so the entire episode was forgotten. Common drugs used for pain relief during labor included ether, opium, cocaine, quinine, nitrous oxide and ergot. 
Corsets were commonly worn during pregnancy and it was considered obscene for a pregnant women who was showing to go out in public. 
Even in the 1950's a video of child birth was considered illicit, and not included in birthing education provided to soon to be mothers. 

Even with all this interesting history lesson I am still left pondering, meds or no meds?  Though I will continue my research and decide soon.  All I can say is the other day I had some terrible stomach cramps, and that pain was not fun.  It made me think, if I think this is bad then labor is going to be a rough day!  Something tells me an epidural is in my future. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weeks 13 and 14 for the Belly Project

13 weeks
14 weeks
Two new photos for the belly project.  I am collecting your ideas on what the baby would be thinking or saying during each stage.  So far I have had some great ideas from friends and family, and I will include my favorite quotes in the final pictures.  Please send me your suggestions to make this documentary of my growing belly fun and unique!

My favorites so far: 
I hope I don't have to pay rent for this place!
More cake please!
Where is my order of pickles and ice cream?

Don't forget to click your vote for Team Wyatt or Team Suzy (to the right).  I would love to see what your guess is, with less than a month till our next ultrasound we will find out soon enough!  

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Team Wyatt or Team Suzy?

Not to much to update on the belly lately.  The first few weeks of pregnancy are exciting but slow!  I am officially into my second trimester and 14 weeks along!  Though I am feeling a little better I still have yet to feel the energy that is promised to return!  Starting to pop out more and more each week, although I still look pretty small.  I promise to have both 13 and 14 week belly pictures added to the facebook album by this week!
Maybe the most visible symptom has been my swollen ankles.  Although the doctor was concerned about the swelling so early, we have been unable to find the cause and all my test are normal so he is not concerned.  Blood pressure, blood work, and baby are all fine so guess I will just have to put up with cankles for the next six months.  I get elephant ankles a few days a week, and water and walking doesn't seem to help.  The only thing that does is staying off my feet!  Currently my feet are propped up under my desk on a box!  Well whatever works....

The most exciting thing was getting to hear the heart beat!  I got to hear it last week but both Chet and I got to hear it yesterday.  Doctor teased me about smiling ear to ear!  LOVE IT!  We all laughed at the doc trying to keep the heart beat because the baby kept moving away from him and he would have to search for it again.  It's in the 150's (normal range is 130-160) and the old wives tale says that's a girl!  My nurse also said it was her medical opinion it was a girl, which I love to hear but Chet isn't convinced!  We have set our ultrasound at 18 weeks for April 1st and we should know then!  That's only 1 month away!  I am thrilled, boy or girl! I can't wait to find out! 
Trina (MIL) is coming to Stillwater for the appointment and of course Chet will come too.  Then later that night some of my friends are joining me for dinner to hear the big announcement!  I love being able to celebrate the milestones with friends, and it gives me so much to look forward to! 

It's time to weigh in - do you think it's a boy or girl?  I added the survey to the blog (see it on the right).  Feel free to share your vote!  I love having some fun guessing!  So are you on Team Wyatt or Team Suzy?  1 month till we find out for sure but in the mean time take a guess!