Monday, March 21, 2011

In another life I was a Sumo wrestler

 This is an average day of swelling for my ankles, and I was off my feet for most of the day!  You can tell I didn't have my shoes on because even the tops of my feet got puffy.  During a work day its more common for puffy ankles and legs.  No matter what, by 4 or 5 pm they are huge!  And on most mornings even first thing when I get out of bed I notice they are still a little puffy even after a full nights rest. 
But who needs ankle bones anyway?
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It actually can get much worse on some days.  But I now have a foot rest under my desk to help prop my feet during the day and I am drinking a lot of water.  As long as my blood pressure doesn't get high (which so far it hasn't) the doctor isn't worried about it.  Apparently my body just likes to retain water when I am pregnant.   Can you imagine what they are going to do in 100+ degree heat this summer?  Lordy, lordy...



  1. Oh my goodness. If you removed the tattoo, I would have thought I would have been looking at David's feet :)

    1. Your feet are soooo freakin sexy!!! :) Geeez

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