Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Team Wyatt or Team Suzy?

Not to much to update on the belly lately.  The first few weeks of pregnancy are exciting but slow!  I am officially into my second trimester and 14 weeks along!  Though I am feeling a little better I still have yet to feel the energy that is promised to return!  Starting to pop out more and more each week, although I still look pretty small.  I promise to have both 13 and 14 week belly pictures added to the facebook album by this week!
Maybe the most visible symptom has been my swollen ankles.  Although the doctor was concerned about the swelling so early, we have been unable to find the cause and all my test are normal so he is not concerned.  Blood pressure, blood work, and baby are all fine so guess I will just have to put up with cankles for the next six months.  I get elephant ankles a few days a week, and water and walking doesn't seem to help.  The only thing that does is staying off my feet!  Currently my feet are propped up under my desk on a box!  Well whatever works....

The most exciting thing was getting to hear the heart beat!  I got to hear it last week but both Chet and I got to hear it yesterday.  Doctor teased me about smiling ear to ear!  LOVE IT!  We all laughed at the doc trying to keep the heart beat because the baby kept moving away from him and he would have to search for it again.  It's in the 150's (normal range is 130-160) and the old wives tale says that's a girl!  My nurse also said it was her medical opinion it was a girl, which I love to hear but Chet isn't convinced!  We have set our ultrasound at 18 weeks for April 1st and we should know then!  That's only 1 month away!  I am thrilled, boy or girl! I can't wait to find out! 
Trina (MIL) is coming to Stillwater for the appointment and of course Chet will come too.  Then later that night some of my friends are joining me for dinner to hear the big announcement!  I love being able to celebrate the milestones with friends, and it gives me so much to look forward to! 

It's time to weigh in - do you think it's a boy or girl?  I added the survey to the blog (see it on the right).  Feel free to share your vote!  I love having some fun guessing!  So are you on Team Wyatt or Team Suzy?  1 month till we find out for sure but in the mean time take a guess!

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