Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Week of Prayer

Like all Mommies, I am getting a little nervous and very excited for my ultrasound this week.  Though we hopefully will learn the sex of the baby, there are lots of other things the ultrasound technician will check at this appointment.  Growth and size of baby, the heart's development, and lot of other things do with how baby is growing.  In other words we are going to check that everything is in the right places and growing as it should.  So I thought it best to take my prayers to God, and lay my worry and hopes in his hands. 

Monday:  Dear God, please help Baby Skimbo grow strong and healthy.
Tuesday:  Dear God, please help Baby Skimbo stay with me till he/she is a full term baby.
Wednesday:  Dear God, please be with Mommy and Daddy so we can make good decisions and take good care of our family.  Be with us always, and help us down our path. 
Thursday:  Dear God, please keep me safe, over the next six months as I grow the baby and over the next 60 years as we grow as a family.
Friday: Dear God, please, please, please let Baby Skimbo show us the goods!  No crossed legs, poorly placed umbilical cord or uncooperative baby!  Don't be sky Baby Skimbo - we want to know if you are a boy or girl!

Please join me this week in talking with God, I believe he hears all prayers!

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