Thursday, April 28, 2011

The latest and greatest of my bump!

21 weeks
22 week
Feeling more like a pregnant lady every day!  Definitely showing, although sometimes depending on what shirt I am wearing I can still hide the bump a little bit.  Feeling lots of movement, in fact I can tell when she is sleeping and when she is awake because of all her wiggles.  Hoping Chet will get to feel a kick soon!

Officially breaking into maternity clothing, which only makes me realize how tiny my summer wardrobe is going to be!  But I am trying to pick up a few new pieces every once in a while to add to my collection.  I even splurged on a maternity swimsuit because you know I will be in the pool, lake, or ocean every chance I get!  I have plans to visit the motherhood maternity outlet in Delaware during my visit in June to find a few good deals on some new outfits.  Since it's going to be hot this summer, I am stocking up on some dresses and lightweight clothes to try and stay cool.  Anything that helps!   

Speaking of June, I am getting very excited for my baby shower on June 5th.  Since I am flying we are having a shower a little early in order be safer traveling before the end of my pregnancy.  I am very excited to show off my bump to family and friends in Pennsylvania.  This will be their only change to see me with my big belly!  My Mama, aka Nana, will be hosting the shower at the Reger farm and I ordered the invites this week to go out to church, family and friends in the area.  I can't wait to see everyone and enjoy celebrating my daughter.  I plan to bring an empty suitcase with me since I know I will be bringing home all sorts of cute baby clothes and items.  Hopefully, I can fit everything in and get it back to Oklahoma!  Only 37 days to go before my vacation to PA which includes several photo sessions, my shower, a trip to the beach and a baseball game!  LIFE IS GOOD!!   I even had a prayer answered this week when I heard the news my friend Kristen is also expecting, what great news.  I am always amazed at the power of prayer, God is listening! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It was a quiet Easter this year for the Skimbos.  Chet and I attended church at Eagle Heights here in Stillwater and then joined our friends Julie and Dan Ray for a great Easter lunch.  Of course their kids Danea and Aiden had plenty of fun wrestling with Chet who spent the afternoon tossing them around the living room to their delight. 
I am always thinking about the milestones, soon enough Chet will be wrestling with our own daughter.  She was pretty quiet for the day, not much movement but she bumps me every once in a while to remind me she is around.  My bump is definitely growing! 

We were also very thankful for the rain that came all Easter weekend.  It does make our dirt road turn to pudding but the rainfall was desperately needed!  Chet and I had even spend Saturday putting in my vegetable garden, the rain came at a perfect time.  I am sure he would happily take all the credit but it was a joint effort!  Now lets just hope this year I will have more luck than last year.  We don't have any guineas to help keep deer and rabbits out of the garden right now so I know we will at least have a little bit of nibbling to fight off.  I am trying to convince Chet to get at least a few more little chicks!  I liked having them follow me around the yard during the summer! 
So the grass is green, and the birds are chirping at the Skimbo house.  Looking forward to some watermelon plants growing and corn popping up!  It's going to be a hot summer, but there is so much to look forward too!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dear cankles

Dear cankles,
So it appears you plan to stick around for quite awhile.  First of all, you showed up a little early.  I was expecting you in the 3rd trimester, or at least by the time the heat returned to Oklahoma.  But your presence since week 10, even on cold winter days has been a bit much.
And now it seems you are pretty consistent.  Early on to your visits, you at least departed overnight and gave me some days off.  But now, even after a good nights rest you remain. I find you lurking with me even on my best days.  You are resistant to water and though you do seem to improve if I prop you way up for several hours or wear compression stockings you never really go completely way and you return quickly.   Is that fair?  I think not.
And then there is the little matter of not fitting in my shoes.  If you are going to be here, you could at least try and squeeze into some of my favorite sandals... but NO you are adamantly opposed to several pairs of my shoes and force me to choose flip flops most of the time.  Don't even get me started on the whole loafer situation.... those were some of my favorite shoes and your fatness busted the seams!  That was down right uncalled for.  Not to mention I was forced to return those cute white sandals to Target because I couldn't get my foot inside!  REALLY CANKLES!?!?  You have no taste at all.
But the worst of it may have been when I compared you to my dear sister's normal ankles and slim feet.  Boy did you make me look bad then.  How could you make me into such a chubby girl?  Even after a I treated you to a cool dip in the pool one afternoon, you remain!   What can I do to get you out?!?!
So, dear cankles, it seems you may have won for now.  But I warn you, your time is limited!  Bring on the water and the propped up feet time!  I will continue to battle your bulge even if you are content to stick around.  This may be funny for you, but it's getting really old!  Isn't it about time you find another poor pregnant woman to bother?  Whats that you say?  It's going to be 80's all next week and you plan to camp out?  Well, I may not be able to stop you but I certainly don't have to like it.
Suzy's Mama

Monday, April 18, 2011

Painting for Baby Suzy

  It has been a fun weekend with my little sister Juli in town!  Although her flights didn't quite go as planned, she did make it and we have been making the most of our time together!  First project = painting the nursery.  I wanted to do something fun, bright and of course colorful for Suzy's room.  I choose green and pink as her color scheme.  Luckily the room started a neutral tan, so I decided to just add a white stripe and green wall.  Except for the fact that my walls are slightly textured which made a perfect tape seal impossible, it turned out great!

Step 1 - add tape and add white stripe
White stripe

Me and my fat ankles checking out the work!
Juli doing the finishing touches
Good work Aunt Juli!

Closet side of the room and my new 31 bag for diapers1
TA DA!   A work of art! 
Last step is to add some pink!  I plan to get some pink curtains and add pink bedding to the crib!  My mom and I are going to pick out a crib when I go to PA to visit in June.  Looking forward to all the decorating and baby stuff I can add to the room now!   Thanks to my sister this is one big project checked off the list! 

Friday, April 15, 2011

And the beat goes on!

17 weeks

18 weeks

19 weeks

20 weeks - half way mark!
Finally hit the 20 week mark!  Definitely feeling much bigger, but most of the unpleasant symptoms have passed!  Starting to get to work on preparing the house and nursery for little Suzy!  Aunt Juli is coming to Oklahoma this weekend and we are painting Suzy's room and getting registered for baby things! 

Feeling lots of movements now, kicks and bumps almost every day!  I even felt her roll a few times, which is a very odd sensation but I am loving it.  She responds to sugar, and after I have a snack I usually feel her bumping around shortly after.  Especially jello!  We call her our little jello jiggler because she really gets active after I enjoy some jello!  I guess what surprises me most about feeling movement is how overwhelmed I feel with love for her after I feel her moving.  I am so excited to meet her! 

We also had our first tornadoes on the ground in Oklahoma yesterday.  Stillwater was supposed to get the storms and possibly a tornado but we didn't see anything other than some wind!  Not even one drop of rain which we desperately need!   It did make me think about restocking my emergency kits, and how I will need to add baby supplies next year.  Chet thinks this is silly, but I would rather have it and not need it than suffer a bad storm and be without supplies!  Besides, our storm shelter is so big we have plenty of room to add stuff!  So here's to another storm season!  I am getting better with the stress of severe weather, but it is still scary! 

Stay tuned for pictures of the nursery and Juli's visit!  It's going to be a fun weekend!

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's a GIRL!

Last Friday Chet and I were excited to learn it is a healthy baby girl!    We saw her moving around, even kicking during the ultrasound.  She is right on target for weight and size (about 10 oz right now, expected to be 20 oz in less than 2 weeks!)  We could count toes and fingers and it was an amazing moment!  They did move my due date up by a few days to August 28th, but my OB says he will stick with his original estimate of Sept. 2nd.  We all know this little one will come when she wants to anyway!
Maybe the best part of the ultrasound was taking advantage of April Fools day!  I was sneaky and called ahead to get some help from the ultrasound technician who was willing to play along.  She told Chet it was twins!  And we really had him going for a minute!  But Trina caught on to the prank, and I fessed up to my April fools gag!
I loved seeing her moving her mouth, even sticking out her tongue!   Looks like she is going to be a talker just like her Mama!  Chet says he will never be able to get a word in!
Friday evening I got to celebrate with some Stillwater friends who joined me for dinner and to hear the big news of baby Suzy!  It ended up with a lot of preggos around the table (Megan, Julie and I!) and a few other friends too!  I am lucky to have some great friends who are supportive and excited for me.  I even got some maternity clothes hand me downs and baby stuff!
And after such an amazing day, and so much good news I thought it couldn't get any better.  But just as I was laying down for the night I felt my first distinct kick from Suzy!  I had been waiting for this is there it was!  WHAT A GREAT DAY!
Since our technician said she was "99% sure it's a girl.  It's safe to go shopping!", I decided to use a gift card I had been hording for a couple of cute things. I indulged this weekend with my first onesie purchase!  Brace yourself Chet, its going to be a lot of pink!

After my week of prayer - now it time for a week of thanks!  
Thank you God for giving me a healthy daughter!  I am so blessed and thankful!
Me = a very happy Mama!