Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It was a quiet Easter this year for the Skimbos.  Chet and I attended church at Eagle Heights here in Stillwater and then joined our friends Julie and Dan Ray for a great Easter lunch.  Of course their kids Danea and Aiden had plenty of fun wrestling with Chet who spent the afternoon tossing them around the living room to their delight. 
I am always thinking about the milestones, soon enough Chet will be wrestling with our own daughter.  She was pretty quiet for the day, not much movement but she bumps me every once in a while to remind me she is around.  My bump is definitely growing! 

We were also very thankful for the rain that came all Easter weekend.  It does make our dirt road turn to pudding but the rainfall was desperately needed!  Chet and I had even spend Saturday putting in my vegetable garden, the rain came at a perfect time.  I am sure he would happily take all the credit but it was a joint effort!  Now lets just hope this year I will have more luck than last year.  We don't have any guineas to help keep deer and rabbits out of the garden right now so I know we will at least have a little bit of nibbling to fight off.  I am trying to convince Chet to get at least a few more little chicks!  I liked having them follow me around the yard during the summer! 
So the grass is green, and the birds are chirping at the Skimbo house.  Looking forward to some watermelon plants growing and corn popping up!  It's going to be a hot summer, but there is so much to look forward too!

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