Monday, April 4, 2011

It's a GIRL!

Last Friday Chet and I were excited to learn it is a healthy baby girl!    We saw her moving around, even kicking during the ultrasound.  She is right on target for weight and size (about 10 oz right now, expected to be 20 oz in less than 2 weeks!)  We could count toes and fingers and it was an amazing moment!  They did move my due date up by a few days to August 28th, but my OB says he will stick with his original estimate of Sept. 2nd.  We all know this little one will come when she wants to anyway!
Maybe the best part of the ultrasound was taking advantage of April Fools day!  I was sneaky and called ahead to get some help from the ultrasound technician who was willing to play along.  She told Chet it was twins!  And we really had him going for a minute!  But Trina caught on to the prank, and I fessed up to my April fools gag!
I loved seeing her moving her mouth, even sticking out her tongue!   Looks like she is going to be a talker just like her Mama!  Chet says he will never be able to get a word in!
Friday evening I got to celebrate with some Stillwater friends who joined me for dinner and to hear the big news of baby Suzy!  It ended up with a lot of preggos around the table (Megan, Julie and I!) and a few other friends too!  I am lucky to have some great friends who are supportive and excited for me.  I even got some maternity clothes hand me downs and baby stuff!
And after such an amazing day, and so much good news I thought it couldn't get any better.  But just as I was laying down for the night I felt my first distinct kick from Suzy!  I had been waiting for this is there it was!  WHAT A GREAT DAY!
Since our technician said she was "99% sure it's a girl.  It's safe to go shopping!", I decided to use a gift card I had been hording for a couple of cute things. I indulged this weekend with my first onesie purchase!  Brace yourself Chet, its going to be a lot of pink!

After my week of prayer - now it time for a week of thanks!  
Thank you God for giving me a healthy daughter!  I am so blessed and thankful!
Me = a very happy Mama!

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