Thursday, April 28, 2011

The latest and greatest of my bump!

21 weeks
22 week
Feeling more like a pregnant lady every day!  Definitely showing, although sometimes depending on what shirt I am wearing I can still hide the bump a little bit.  Feeling lots of movement, in fact I can tell when she is sleeping and when she is awake because of all her wiggles.  Hoping Chet will get to feel a kick soon!

Officially breaking into maternity clothing, which only makes me realize how tiny my summer wardrobe is going to be!  But I am trying to pick up a few new pieces every once in a while to add to my collection.  I even splurged on a maternity swimsuit because you know I will be in the pool, lake, or ocean every chance I get!  I have plans to visit the motherhood maternity outlet in Delaware during my visit in June to find a few good deals on some new outfits.  Since it's going to be hot this summer, I am stocking up on some dresses and lightweight clothes to try and stay cool.  Anything that helps!   

Speaking of June, I am getting very excited for my baby shower on June 5th.  Since I am flying we are having a shower a little early in order be safer traveling before the end of my pregnancy.  I am very excited to show off my bump to family and friends in Pennsylvania.  This will be their only change to see me with my big belly!  My Mama, aka Nana, will be hosting the shower at the Reger farm and I ordered the invites this week to go out to church, family and friends in the area.  I can't wait to see everyone and enjoy celebrating my daughter.  I plan to bring an empty suitcase with me since I know I will be bringing home all sorts of cute baby clothes and items.  Hopefully, I can fit everything in and get it back to Oklahoma!  Only 37 days to go before my vacation to PA which includes several photo sessions, my shower, a trip to the beach and a baseball game!  LIFE IS GOOD!!   I even had a prayer answered this week when I heard the news my friend Kristen is also expecting, what great news.  I am always amazed at the power of prayer, God is listening! 


  1. thanks for the shout out! God is good!

  2. i think it's funny that team wyatt is still winning.

  3. Your PA Family is excited to meet your Bump & put a pillow under your cankles!