Monday, June 13, 2011

The bump goes to PA!

I had a great whirl wind vacation to PA!  It was partly a working vacation and partly time to visit with friends and family and boy did I pack it all in!   Plane rides are not so fun pregnant but the trip was totally worth it! 
So lets gloss over some of the highlights:

My shower was amazing, even if my swelling was out of control that day!  Mom and Lisa were able to complete my baby quilt!  It is beyond amazing and way better in person than the pictures could ever do of it!  Lisa even stayed up VERY late to finish the quilting the night before my shower - how awesome is that!  I can not wait to put it in the crib! 

 Baby Skimbo also got her first cowboy boots!  How adorable - also from Lisa (who obviously has great taste!).  I put together a great scrap book with messages and pictures from all the guests!  This is a great way for me to remember the special day, thanks to all the people who took the time to write me a note!  I will treasure this book!

 I could blame this on cravings and the baby belly but I might have to fess up that I completely indulged in my hometown favorites while I was home.  It started with Yum Yum donuts, then two meals of amazing giovanni's pizza, subs from Wawa, the best fudge ever from Candy Kitchen in DE, 200 fresh steamed clams with the Reger family and about a million Tasty Cakes.  There is nothing quite like eating your favorites, and this was all food that I can't get in Oklahoma so it was extra special.  Somehow a box of tasty cakes also found its way into my suit case.  Hummm, how did that happen? 

And then there were two glorious days at the beach with my Mama!  It was hot and the water was cold!  I got to lay in the sand and float in the ocean!  We had cold water melon in the cooler and beautiful sunny skies!  I could not have been happier! I even dug myself a little belly hole in the sand to get some sun on my back.  How else is a pregnant gal suppose to get an even tan?  We ended up going to the bay, right down the street from Cape Henelopen so that the beach wasn't a far walk for me and it was perfect!   Add that with some outlet shopping and it was the best road trip ever, even Sophie came along for the trip!

Best of all, I got to spend time with family and friends!  My bother and I had some fun comparing bellies ( I definitely won, especially after all those tasty cakes!).  I am so glad my family got to see my bump!  This will be their only chance do see my round, by my next visit baby Reagan will be here!  Too bad the little booger wouldn't cooperate with kicks, she wouldn't bump my mom but Juli felt some movement and Josh saw her moving my belly at breakfast one morning. 

Normally, at the end of my trip I am ready to go home to my kitties and hubby but this return was much harder!  I love being surrounded by family and friends during this special time and it was hard to return to Oklahoma where I don't have as many people around me.  Not gonna lie, there were some tears.  Ok, a lot of tears.  Living far from home didn't bother me when I was younger, but now that I am starting my own family I really wish I could be closer to them!  It's hard to do this by yourself, and since Chet and I don't get to see a lot of each other it makes it even harder!  So for now I am focusing on getting through the last 11 weeks till baby makes her grand entrance!  Mama is coming down for a visit and Juli might come too while I am on maternity leave!  Lots to look forward too, so today I am trying not to be sad!  I am glad for the time I did have with them and I am already looking forward to taking baby home for Christmas this year to show her off! 

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