Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hello 3rd Trimester, Goodbye Feet!

25 weeks
The hair got shorter for the summer and the bump is really growing!  Baby is very active and I feel her kicks and movements all the time.  Chet has also felt several kicks and bumps! 
Still dealing with a ton of swelling, especially if I am in the heat at all.  My home remedy is to put my feet propped up with ice packs and a big bowl of water melon seems to help!
This week (27 weeks pregnant) is the start of my third trimester.  It means I see the doctor every two weeks now and I have my glucose test when I get back from vacation.  I am ready to get this show on the road!  Countdown to due date is 88 days away!
26 week

 I am thrilled to get ready for my summer vacation to PA!  I am flying this Friday for a 10 day trip, doctor gave me the all clear this morning for the flights!  It's always a jam packed visit but I enjoy making the most of the limited time I get in my home state!  This trip is also a working visit as I have several photo sessions lined up and I am looking forward to expanding my portfolio and adding new images to my website.  I am also teaching a private photo lesson and a workshop!  This is a great way for me to finance the expense of flying and I am always happy behind my camera!  Now that my printing services are also available I hope to get more business that way as well. 
On the trip agenda:  My baby shower is going to be a blast!  I love visiting with family and church friends as well as reconnecting with some high school friends.  This is their only shot to see me round!
Mom and I are also taking a trip to the beach and spending some time at the DE outlets.  I can't wait to check out some of the stores!
27 weeks
On our way back from the sea shore I am stopping to pick up a big order of fresh clams and steaming them with the Reger clan and watching the Phillies play with Granddad.  And to top off the visit I get to spend some time with  my best friends Leah and Chrissy Tina!  Baby Atarah is getting her first photo session and I am excited to see Addison walking!  And you can bet I won't be leaving the state without enjoying some Giovanni's pizza and Yum Yum donuts!Those are things I crave while I am gone and I plan to eat more than my fair share while I am there!
So on my to do list is pack!  I am looking forward to making the best of the trip.  Now if Chet remembers to water the flowers and feed the cats while I am gone it will be a complete success!  So I am hoping for sunny skies and a great visit!  PA - here I come!

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