Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ready for Reagan

Pregnancy nesting:  To act as if every detail about your home, nursery, fridge and husband must be ready for the looming arrival of a new baby.  Nesting may or may not be linked to increased hormones and be combined with frenzied cleaning, shouting, or crying.  Typically nesting is demonstrated during the 3rd trimester when actually doing the nesting is very difficult with an enormous bump and swollen feet however mothers do not seem to be detered from this activity despite it's challenges.  Nesting normally includes phrases like "I need to make another trip to Target for more __________" or "Where is my label maker?" and definitely "Honey, can you help me for a second, and bring your hammer/drill/ladder?". 
Warning:  Nesting may cause excessive organizing, deep cleaning and increased need to purchase storage containers in numerous sizes and shapes.  All husbands should adopt the "yes dear" attitude and simply do as they are told.  The only cure for nesting seems to be a completed project list.  The phase will pass, eventually....

I am pretty impressed with the final outcome of the nursery.  I was lucky enough to be able to start with a blank slate, the nursery was an empty room with tan walls and a dresser.  When I was 20 weeks pregnant my sister Juli came down for a visit and I promptly put her to work painting the room with a green and white stripe.  Next was some basic furniture that came from yard sales, hand me downs, and finished off with a new crib from my Mama.  I am not a big fan of the new ornate style of cribs and I wanted something with a lighter finish that felt more casual and country, the one I found online at Target was a perfect balance!  And oddly enough the crib is called the Reagan Design, guess it was the crib for us!  The rocking chair was a gift to my own mother when I was born and I am going to use that area to nurse and snuggle my little one at night.  The rocking chair and the night stand made a long trip in a uhaul with my brother from PA to OK in January.  It was a big trip for him to make but I am thankful to have furniture that has such sentimental value for me in the nursery.    

Our theme was pink and green and a little bit of Tinkerbell charm. (Chet calls the room the "Pink Nightmare" due to all the pink clothes that keep coming in.).  Pink curtains, bedding, and changing pad balance out the green walls and I love the addition of the pink lamp and hanging globe.  And of course the quilt my Mama made pulls all our themes and colors together perfectly with pinks and greens and tinkerbell fabric.  I am looking forward to wrapping Reagan up in it and the quilt is big enough to also use on her toddler bed.  I bet she will get lots of use out of it!  I also added a ribbon of cards above the crib that I saved from my baby showers.  Isn't that a great way to share the love from all our friends and family!  I was also lucky enough to have a friend help with some minor electrical work by adding an outlet and a switch for the lamp.  It made a big difference in the functionality of the room. 

The old mirror came from an estate sale and is quite the antique.  I added the phrase "All you need is faith and trust and little bit of Pixie dust".  Great way to bring my country style into the room.

The last step was putting together the pack and play with the bassinet on top which will go into the master bedroom for the first few weeks when Reagan comes home.  Thanks to some help from Rachel who made this assembly look easy its also ready to go!  

Baby clothes are washed.  Diapers and stacked and ready.  Crib sheets are tucked in.  Batteries are installed.  Monitor is plugged in.  My hospital bag is packed.  Car seat is by the front door.  Check, check, check.....

Now we just need.... a baby.  :)

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