Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear God

I just read an interesting book by Tina Fey called "Bossy Pants".  And while it had too much profanity for my mother, I did enjoy her humor and I learned a lot about her story.  Nothing gives you perspective on your own busy life than when you hear how insane someone else works, and then finds time to write a book about it.  One of my favorite parts of the book was the Chapter "A Mother's Prayer for her Daughter".  So I was inspired and decided to write my own letter to God.  Who better to entrust with my wishes and hopes for my own daughter?

Dear God,
First before I ask for a single thing let me say Thank you, thank you so much for my daughter.  I was thrilled to get pregnant but I was elated to have a girl.  It's what I (not so secretly) hoped for the minute I saw those two blue lines appear, but of course you already know that.  But thank you so much for granting me the care of this child.  Thank you for entrusting me with her, I hope I serve you well as I raise her.

Please God, let her have my wild independence but teach her the importance of family and friends.  Let her roam from ocean to ocean and maybe even over them, but give her the thirst to come home every once in a while.  Keep her safe in her travels, and give her the desire to go far, as long as she also comes back.  Fill her passport with stamps, but not her pockets with pennies.  Fill her heart with dreams, but not fear.  Give her the courage to explore but plant her heart at home so that she always returns. 

Let there be something about her that reminds us of my father.  When I find that special something on her that looks like him or when she shows me a glimpse of him with her personality let it take my breath away.  In this I will be able to remember him and never forget a piece of him that is carried on with her.  Let my mother see it too. And my sister and brother. And then they will say "that is just like your Pop Pop" and she will know he was not lost forever but instead part of him was tucked inside her by you, God.  Let her carry that piece of him with her for all her days, be it big or small, so that she will know him by knowing that part of herself.

Give her the opportunity to make something of herself, stick her head out the sunroof of a limo,  wear a jean size she can be proud of, and swim in the ocean every summer.  Spare her from allergies and the desire to cut her own bangs.  Give her the ability to control her tears at least some of the time.  If she yells, give her something important to say.  If she cries, let her find a way to heal.  If she loves, let it be returned.  If she angers, teach her also to forgive. 

Show her a way to embrace herself, just as she is.  Whether her hair be straight or curly, blond or red, let her wear it proudly and never perm those locks.  She may not love her hips or her nose (or perhaps those curly toes I love!) but let her accept those things as important parts of her, parts I grew and you created Lord.

Dear God, please help her see the value of sunscreen!  Help me teach her how to correctly pronounce words like a yankee, and teach her early on to roll her eyes when her father makes fun of the north.  When she uses make up or perfume or picks out a tattoo let her remember "less is more".  Make her be a terrible liar so that she doesn't rely on that skill.  Make her proud of her scars, but protect her from making the same mistakes over and over.

Send her to college Lord, any college.  OK, in truth, any college but OU.  And show her a way to pay for her academic path, with scholarships or smarts or athletic skills.  But while she is there Lord, keep her wise in more than just her classes.  Bless her with good decisions that don't involve strip poker, credit card debt, drunk driving or phrases that start with "Hey guys, watch this...!"  Help her find a good friend, one that stays by her side to help with fashion choices and big decisions.  Don't let her cell phone battery die right as she reaches to ask for my opinion Lord.  Spare her from loneliness but not from failure, for in failure she will learn.

I hope she learns some hard lessons, values true friends, starts a savings account, and has good rhythm so she can dance. Please God, put her on the dance floor but don't let her do it for dollars or with her thong hanging out.  Let her dance for fun, to make memories, and to burn calories!  Keep her away from casinos and hard liquor.  May she decline the offer of a joint, resist the temptations of insincere boys, and stand up to bullies.  If she throws a punch she better be ready to take one, and help me teach her responsibility.  Don't let her be entitled, but show her the value of hard work and honesty.  Give her a hundred reasons to say "That's not fair" because I am protecting her, but also allow me to find that good balance so I can also accept letting her go.

Spare her from outdated hand me down clothes, home made outfits and bad attitudes.  If she must hate me as a teenager, let her appreciate me as an adult.  Don't let her use curse words as an excuse of expression and give her the patience to smile for a thousand pictures every year because you know how often I will want to photograph every thing she does. 

If she ends up in cuffs, give me the will power to let her sit in jail for the night so she can think about what she has done.  If she grows up to be a police officer like her Dad, give her good instincts on the job.  If she grows up to marry a police officer, give her the support of good friends and neighbors for all the nights she is alone.  If she grows up with a terrible southern accent, good grief help us all. 

Show her great love God, from friends and family and maybe even from a boy when she is older.  Much, much older.  Mostly, show her your love God.  I pray she seeks it from you and carries it with her so that she can show it to others.  Let that love light her path, lead to forgiveness and shine from within her. 

I know I have already asked for alot but please I have one more request that is a little self serving.  Please God, keep the Tasky Cake company in business so I can feed her those delicious snack cakes!


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