Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Time flys when your changing diapers

I think all the clocks in my house are broken.  Every single one must not be working because seriously, that can not be the time.  I feel like that every day!  In the morning... in the evening... time just slips by so fast! 
Being a mom is exhausting.  I have a new found respect for those that have several little ones running around, seriously how do you do it?  Last year I got the tree up and all the Christmas decorations done in just a couple of hours.  This year - WHOLE NEW STORY!  Granted, I have a bunch more stuff this year thanks to Josh bringing me some hand me downs from Mom, and a box of stuff from Chet's Aunt but it still took me a week to get things organized this year.  Thanks to the crafty genius of my Grandmother most of the cute decorations are from her!  Now that I am done putting everything in place....wait, I am not done!  The porch lights aren't up and I have to dig out the extension cords!  But so far things look great but that took way to long to get done.  Reagan and I did get the ornaments on the tree during the bedlam game (read: OSU domination over OU) and we had fun cheering and decorating.  Well I had fun and she stared at the tree, hypnotized by the lights. 
Aunt Shanna and sleepy Reagan on Thanksgiving
Just taking care of the house takes so much time that I am enjoying "letting it go" a little bit.  Yea, things are dusty or maybe even a little messy.  Chet likes to point out all the grievances, like that helps.  "You left the cereal box on the counter" - Good, right where I will need it for tomorrow.   "Your shoes are still sitting by the door" - An excellent location for them since I will need them before leaving the house.  "The dishwasher is clean" - Nice to see it is still working great.  And on his day off (which he got to sleep in till 2:30 before going to pick up Reagan - SO UNFAIR!) he claimed to have "cleaned up the whole house".  I will give him credit for washing the bottles, ahem, though it was the first time EVER for him to do that chore.  Round of applause Chet!  And then I looked around and realized all the crazy stuff he did to "clean" the house.  Basically he just moved things out of his way that I still need to go and actually put away.  The storage boxes and ornament holders from our decorations got stacked in my office instead of put back into the attic.  I now have to climb around them to get to my computer or printer.  My kindle box and plug got stacked on my night stand instead of put away in my office.  The baby's toys and bumbo chair got thrown in the nursery instead of in the closet where they belong.  This isn't cleaning dear husband, this is just moving items from one location to another.  Cleaning would involve the vacuum, Lysol, and some scrubbing. 
So time is flying... zooming right along.  I catch myself thinking "remember when Reagan was first born and she would...." or "remember during my maternity leave when.." because so much time has already passed and those moments seem so long ago!  Today she is 15 weeks old!  By Christmas eve she will be 4 months old, how can that be?  How can 4 months have already gone by?!?!  It seems so impossible, but sure enough, she is a growing girl! 
This all comes into perspective when I think about the task of changing a diaper.  This should take a minute, maybe two.  Unsnap, remove diaper, throw it away, wipe, new diaper, re-snap - DONE!  But wait, she is making that cute cooing noise I love so lets stop and "talk".  And that bare belly is so adorable I can't resist  kissing it and having some play time doing rasberries!  She also has her feet kicking so I pretend to catch and eat her toes, and she loves it so lets do that again! And then the mirror that hangs by the changing table is fun, she always smiles at our reflection so I am gonna show her that and talk some more.  Those grins are adorable so I will let her feel my face and smile.  And just like that, 15 minutes are gone.  Not just regular minutes though; blissful, speedy, best moments of your life kind of minutes.  Something I'd like to call mommy minutes.  You get so used to mommy minutes, that dinner burns because surely it hasn't been 20 minutes since I left that on the stove.   And laundry takes 2 days to finish because mommy minutes went by so fast you didn't think the washer was done already!   But my time always slows down when I am at work, this is how I figure things balance out.  Mommy minutes are too fast and work minutes are too slow. 
It is a wonderful thing to love your daughter so much that you lose track of time.  And to think of it, Mommy minutes are the best way I can spend my time.  I keep telling myself, take more pictures, do a family video because she will only be this small for so long!  So as the mommy minutes go speeding along I can capture them with images to last my lifetime. 

We all had a great thanksgiving in Oklahoma and now I am looking forward to spending 12 wonderful days in Pennsylvania over Christmas.  Lets hope that time will slow down so I can enjoy it with my Reger family! 
Did you say Santa was coming?!?!

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