Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stuff New Moms Say

Ok, Ok, Ok... I know it's been done already but I had to laugh at this video.  Sh*t new Moms Say
And I completely agree with the "Is that normal?" and "I need some help!" examples, I have said that a bunch.  But there are a few more I would like to add to the list.  If I had a dime for everytime I said these phrases I could afford a "Manny".

Stuff this new Mom says:
Why are you crying? 
Why are you whining?
What does that face mean?
What is that smell?
You're hungry... again?!?!
Don't pull Mommy's hair!
That is not for babies!
Where is your father?
Chet, YOUR daughter wants you.
Good grief, why do you look so much like your dad!
You're making a mess!
Stop crying, you're fine.
Child, you do not need to be held every minute of the day!
Does she feel hot to you?
Should I call the doctor?
Should I call my mom?
Where did I put your nuk?
Quick give me the spit rag!
Stop dropping your toys!
Why are you awake again?
Reagan, do you know what TIME IT IS?!?!
That costs HOW MUCH???
How can we be out of diapers/wipes/formula so fast?
Hold on, I have to go pump.
Hold on, I have to feed her first.
Hold on, she needs a diaper change.
When did you change her last?
Did she burp?
Did she poop?
Did she sleep?
Ug kid, just tell me what the problem is!

Comments from Chet:
Isn't it time for you to get a job kid?
Andrea, She wants you.
Should I be concerned that she likes to be naked so much?
Give me a kiss.  No, no, not with your mouth OPEN!
Wow Reagan, that is a particularly high pitch singing voice you have there. 
Hey, quit, quit.  (A Dad's version of shhhh, shhhh)
(Poking me because I am ignoring the baby crying on the monitor) Andrea, the baby is awake.
Here, take her. She is crying/hungry/stinky/tired.
(Chet farts) Reagan, that was not very lady like.
(Chet burps) Reagan, that was not very lady like.  
Hey there mini Me!
Where is my clone?
(and my favorite) Reagan, shhh Swamp People is on!

It is worth every minute when you see them learn new things or smile at you!  Last night Reagan discovered splashing in the tub!  Forgive my "baby talk" on the video - guess I have to work on that!

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