Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wanted: Best Friend

Wanted: Best Friend in the Stillwater Area

MWF seeking a BFF.  Must be willing to bash on your husband, relate to new mom issues, live in the Stillwater area, have ideas about losing a few pounds, love chocolate and enjoy sno cones and mexican food.  Added bonus if you have kid(s), love cats and or have a husband in the police force, but not required.

Best friend duties include helping me plan events and activities, being honest about how clothes look on me, sharing hand me downs, attending "girl's night"s, and spending a ridiculous amount of time talking to each other about everything.  Must be able to keep secrets and be willing to share secrets.  Also must be willing to forgive all the crazy you will discover in me once you get to know me.  I will expect you to utilize phrases like "He said WHAT to you?, "I will be right there and don't worry, I'm bringing the rum", and "Sounds to me like you were right and he was wrong".

Plan to discuss and analyze the following topics in details:  In-laws, husband's crazy habits, the cute thing my daughter did today,  my budget, my next craft project, and the drama in my office.  I'm willing to listen in detail to your issues as well, as long as I can throw in my two cents. 

Perks of friendship: Willing to dedicate myself as a work out buddy, swap free babysitting evenings, and give you camera and photo tips.  Friendship also includes regular trips to get a chocolate/caramel covered apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and sno cone from Cruise's.  I have a pool (that is almost ready to fill) and apparently, I am also a resume whiz so good ahead and ask that favor now...

Planned activities include garage sale and flea market junk shopping, painting or craft projects, sunbathing and swimming, sweating and swearing to Jillian Michaels, walking Boomer lake, gardening, cooking and tailgating for OSU football.  Some shopping, mostly in the Stillwater shops because I hate driving to the city.  Up for occasional well planned adventure like road tripping down Route 66 or exploring a new lake.  I love being by or in the water so those type of activity requests will always be a yes for me and I have a huge kitchen we can cook or bake in. 

Disclosures: Please try to avoid my pet peeves which include canceling on me last minute, making me repeat myself and waking me up.  I have a bad habit of holding grudges so I will go ahead and apologize now!

If you can relate to country girl, have sympathy for homesickness and sleep deprivation, and would enjoy spending time at my country home then this is the "job" for you! 

To apply send resume and references to

p.s. If Chrissy tina, Erin or Leah relocate to the Stillwater area than this posting becomes irrelevant.   Though I doubt it, those yankees are afraid of tornadoes.

p.p.s .  One more thing: Obviously must have a great sense of humor because if I can't laugh at this crazy life of mine I will go crazy!

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