Monday, July 2, 2012

Office make over final step: stain

I am finally getting around to showing off the finished offices shelves.  When Mom visited a few months ago she helped me stain all the new built ins.  Whew- that was no small job.  We lugged the shelves outside to stain, then did the inside wood.  I thought we would only have one step but it turns out we also needed to gloss them (first time to tackle a project like this!).   I admit the orange walls need a touch up from a few drips and sadly my last stain touch up also resulted in a drip onto the carpet.  But all in all the final product looks awesome!  It was a lot of hard work, and we paid for the work but I think this really brings value to the office space. 
empty wall to start

cabinets are built and installed!

stained and stocked! 
p.s.  When you stain something indoors be forewarned that it will make your entire house stink for a few days! 

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