Monday, January 14, 2013

Celebrating 10,000 views

Since I started this darling little blog in March of 2011, it has grown to be quite a fun way for me to outlet whats been going on in my life.  It started with baby bump updates, then the blog morphed into life with a baby.  More recently I have posted about the struggles of marriage.  I talk to God, write letters to Santa, and even confront my cankles.  Not much is off limits and I try to cover a lot of different topics.  I am an open book, and this blog is a great way for me to get things off my chest and really face whats going on.  Sometimes I celebrate, brag and rejoice, other times I share anger and pain.  It's the honest side of an average life.  This is normal, this is me.

But whats really interesting is, I have had more than 10,000 views Wow!  I never imagined that many times someone would click to check in on what I have to say!

My most popular post (by far) with more than 500 views is It's my blog and I will whine if I want to post.  Re-reading this post, I can clearly remember how absolutely miserable I was.  Oh the swelling, oh the heat!  I am so very, very glad that pregnancy is over.  And trust you me, I vow never to be super pregnant during another Oklahoma summer.  It.  was.  awful!   I do wonder why this post has so many more views than others?  Did the link get posted to some message board?  Am I picked up in a google search?  How did so many more people find the page that I am hopelessly complaining about my pregnancy woes?  Even the other popular posts only have around 150 visits, so compared to 500+ thats a big difference.  I don't know enough about these lovely internets to be able to really understand it.

The blog is also very educational :)
We all know now that diesel is bad for unleaded cars. 
And that being a working mom can be really hard, as evidenced by my really bad day.
Don't forget all my wisdom on breast feeding and the joys of the stomach bug.
But mostly the blog is just entertaining.  
I made my best friend cry in the post about cleaning out my beloved jeep.
I shared about how Chet broke my heart when he changed his mind about the baby name.
The truth about how I evaluated my Dad

The most interesting thing about this blog is the feedback I receive.  You will rarely notice a comment on the blog but I receive a lot of private messages, texts, emails and phone calls from friends and family who relate.  People even thank me for talking about some of the harder things.  Like struggling with the decision to stay and admitting emotional struggles with Extinguishing Anger.  Why aren't more people willing to talk about this stuff? I know I am not alone, but I am one of the few who choose to be so open about problems.  Everyone has stuff, you just get to read about mine. I promise these type of posts will continue, I never run short of sharing my struggles and I know I am not alone in working through them. 

Here's a big thanks to those that do follow me.  If you would like to get an email notification when I post, please send me your information.  Looking forward watch for upcoming posts on a letter to my husband, the empty church pew beside me, and being on the fence about deciding on a second baby.

Want to write a guest post?  I have a few friends who have their own struggles which differ from my own, and I think it might be great therapy for them to write as well.  No names needed.  If you want to write something, feel free to pass it along!  You can email me anytime by clicking here!

So whether you think I am crazy or brilliant thanks for checking in.  Please come back.  I have so much more to say and share!  And at the very least, I am usually good for a laugh my own expense.